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Founded in 2011, the client is an independently-owned, creativity-led production agency that solves business problems with audio-visual content. They offer a full range of film production and Advertisement services and work with some of the biggest brands and film directors across the globe. They brought a unique storytelling ability that elevates brand messages in today’s media-saturated marketplace.


The process of advertising management is slow and requires the cooperation of many people and departments in a single company. Hence it has a greater chance of error in terms of records, different costs, document management etc. More efficiency is needed throughout the company during the process so that it saves time and reduces costs.


AscenWork’s SharePoint Based Film Budgeting Application, took care by dividing the whole process into role and functionality, which supported them in having a streamlined approval process. At each step of the process, approvals were put up so that every function was supervised. As there were costs involved, we had to make sure management is aware of every project with comparative analysis e.g. estimation cost, Actual cost compared to the overall budget. We also ensured the privacy and compliance part of every project so has if any project is created by a Manager, juniors are unable to see the client cost as they are not authorized to view that. With our software in place, our client was able to track the status of every project created and our solution accelerate the whole process, which supported them in achieving deadlines.

Key Features of Film Budgeting Application are:


The SharePoint-based film budgeting application built for the client has now helped them get a clear picture in terms of their estimated costs vs Budgeted. The application also helps in tracking real-time cost fluctuations / over-budget items and thus manages cashflow. The system has an approval level in case there is a cost overrun or additional expensive than the budget.

At A Glance

What they wanted to do

• Streamlined processes
• Improve security & Promote teamwork
• Automate Project Budgeting
• Estimation vs Actual Cost Tracking
• Approval Process
• Find a cost-effective solution

What they did

• Standardized on SharePoint based Customized Application Development
• Used end to end application development by AscenWork Technologies
• Collaborated on various processes through the application.

What they accomplished

• Drastic reduction in Humar errors
• Improved compliance
• Automated End to End Business Processing
• Better Customer Satisfaction
• Email Alerts and Notifications