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Hotel Booking System

SharePoint based Hotel Booking Management System


Our Client came up with a simple and specific requirement of having a SharePoint Booking System. Our client is into the hotel industry, so they have multiple bookings which they must record. Bookings are done in two categories which are advance or walk-in. Our software-assisted user to keep a track of records for booking, rooms available, daily check-in/out. Our software also provided a report for the same.


Being in the hospitality industry, our client had a huge amount of booking advance and walk-ins as well. To keep a track of records daily for all the advance and walk-in bookings, cancellation of the bookings, availability of the rooms and their maintenance, etc. were a few of their concerns. Also, able to have reported based on the booking records.


It was quite simple for our clients as they were clear about their requirements. So, we gave them a booking management system.  Our solution helped them to keep a trail of bookings which are done in advance and walk-ins also the cancellation of the bookings, which benefited them in monitoring the availability of rooms on a real-time basis. They had a status update of the rooms which was to keep a track of rooms in case of multiple users. Along with that our solution to booking management also gave them reports for the same.

Key Features of Room BMS are:


Our client’s clear and specific requirement helped us in providing, Booking Management System. AscenWork’s SharePoint Booking Management System supported our client in monitoring all types of bookings with status which had aided them to supervise the availability of the rooms and track of check-in and check-out on a real-time basis. The software also created a report as per their requirements. The dashboard of every user gave them all the information needed for monitoring.

At A Glance

What they wanted to do

• Streamlined processes
• Automate Manual Reservation Process
• Automated Room Registration to Invoice Creation
• Live Tracking of room occupancy
• End to End Process Automation

What they did

• Standardized on SharePoint based Customized Application Development
• Used end to end application development by AscenWork Technologies
• Collaborated on various processes through the application.

What they accomplished

• Drastic reduction in Humar errors
• Improved compliance
• Automated End to End Business Processing
• Better Customer Satisfaction
• Email Alerts and Notifications