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Organizing distributed documents with SharePoint Document Management System


Although a traditional construction organization, Client operates in the same dynamic, competitive environment as any other enterprise. They intend to apply their information resources and capabilities to its advantage in attracting investment and achieving its obligation to be an efficient, frontline organization, constantly seeking the best way of delivering services to all its resources and to put ‘people first’ in the way it runs its administration. Client wanted to make wise judgment and investments in information technology and to provide computing tools to meet customer expectations and increase employee productivity.


The paper-based file storage system is slow, cumbersome and error-prone. Furthermore it does not support the policies of its organization for efficient service delivery or the vision of the company to be a customer-oriented, world-class company..


In the first phase the Client documents were electronically captured and archived using SharePoint Based Document Management System. SharePoint DMS allows Client to completely manage the document lifecycle including, document scanning, uploading, document check-in, check-out, document versioning, locating physical location, document archival, backup and recovery, email notification and alerts, document indexing, editing document properties, meta data and keeping document search friendly.

System has also been customized for document generation based on transactions, which are very useful managing documents in a structured environment thus saving loads of manual efforts. It is majorly used for records management, contracts management.

Key Features of SharePoint DMS


SharePoint Document Management System and automated workflow are paving the way for electronic transformation and a paperless working environment at Client. The focus on business processes and their automation is preparing Client huge savings on their paper costs. It is helping Client to be customer orientated and to operate across organizational boundaries in cross-functional teams, ensuring competitive advantage. The captured records can be accessed from the desktop / Laptop or on the web, improving retrieval times, accuracy and customer service. It supports the organization’s vision.

At A Glance

What they wanted to do

  • Have central document repository
  • Deliver a consistent and useful application
  • Improve security
  • Add more value to the business through IT
  • Promote teamwork
  • Find a cost-effective solution


What they did

  • Standardized on SharePoint based Document Management System
  • Used Document Generation tool developed by AscenWork Technologies
  • Collaborated on various projects through centralized DMS


What they accomplished

  • Provided anywhere, anytime access to DMS application
  • Streamlined coordination and improved productivity
  • Safeguarded intellectual property
  • Enabled staff to more easily coordinate regarding various clients and vendors
  • Reduced IT overhead and focused on strategic tasks
  • Cut capital expenditures

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