SharePoint Based Policy Management Solution


Client is an independent public joint stock company that owns and operates all public hospitals and clinics across the emirate. They have the largest healthcare network in the UAE, providing a continuum of care to residents and utilizing leading-edge technologies. Client has more than 17,500 employees spread across the emirate. The organization offers many services and sub-specialties that are unique to the UAE and the wider region.


Client maintains entire Policies, Standard SOP in iServer System. The iServer system cannot be accessible to the end user since it is an Enterprise Application. Client wanted to create an interactive system on SharePoint which can communicate with iServer and maintain all Policies in SharePoint and later in iServer


AscenWork Technologies developed an Integrated Policy Management system for Client having data integration points at Active Directory / Oracle Systems and iServer. The requirement of the project was to integrate the pulling of source data from differential systems, process the input data into SharePoint and later pushing the processed data into differential systems.

Key Features of Invoicing Application

The Policy Management system developed for Client includes modules like:

  • New Policy Creation Workflow
  • Supersede Existing Policy Workflow
  • Renew Policy Workflow
  • Change Requests on existing Policy Workflow
  • Deactivation Policy Workflow

The entire system is built as per requirements given by the Client team. The application conceptualization, design, and build was developed with AscenWork Technologies expertise on the SharePoint Application. The integration points of Oracle, Server, and Active Directory are defined in the application and executes the entire operation without user intervention.

The developed application hosts approximately 40000 policies in a year, managing user compliance and tracking the expiry and renewal of an existing policy. The Policy Management System has become the bloodline at Client, collaborating their 17500 workforce on a single platform


Client’s dream and vision of creating a collaborative SharePoint Policy Management Solution is now a reality with SharePoint and iServer communicating with each other seamlessly. The new Policy Management System has now opened doors for creating a Centralized Knowledge Management System which will be a unified experience for all Employees and Hospitals at Client.


What they wanted to do-

  • Have Centralized Policy Management System
  • Deliver collaborative Knowledge Management for Policies.
  • Improved security
  • Add more value to the business through IT
  • Promote teamwork

What they did –

  • Developed the entire Policy Management System on SharePoint.
  • Collaborated on various policies through centralized PMS System

What they accomplished –

  • Provided anywhere, anytime access to various Policies
  • Streamlined coordination and improved productivity
  • Safeguarded intellectual property
  • Enabled staff compliance and adherence to every Policy.
  • Reduced IT overhead and focused on strategic tasks
  • Cut capital expenditures