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The client is one of the government entities that are responsible for assessing, collecting, and accounting for tax and other revenues. They are into improved funding, legislation, stronger taxpayer education, dispute resolution mechanism and taxpayer registration, and the automation of the operations of the service. The client has the entrenchment of excellent service delivery in the public sector in policy, programs, and practice. They have created a Taxpayer Service Department for enhanced focus on taxpayers as well as the National Taxpayer Advocate position to ensure effective high-level advocacy for taxpayers.


The main challenge was to manage and update the content on the website. The current website was a static website developed on pure HTML. Thus any content change was very tedious and always required a developer or designer to make the changes on the website. The client wanted to overcome this challenge by having a secured backend content management system from where a novice user can add / update or deactivate the content on the website.


AscenWork Technologies developed a robust Backend Content Management System on SharePoint.The CMS can create pages / create widgets ( sidebar on web pages ), have multiple page templates for page creation. The CMS application gives backend users a WYSIWYG( What you see is what you get) editor for updating the content on the website. The content will go for approval to the ICT team ( Internal communications team ). Once approved the page will be created and published on the website.System can manage content types like: Word / PDF / Image / Audio / Video / Image Gallery and many more.The CMS has a comprehensive Menu Navigation system for creating various Menu types like- Header Menu /Top Menu / Pop Up Menu and Footer Menu. Users can add page links on the menu and publish them on the website.

Key Features of Content Management System


With AscenWork Content Management our client was able to publish all their content within lesser time. The client didn’t have to rely on a skilled person to develop and publish the content, any non-technical employee could create, update pages with image, audio, video, and document-based content. This resulted in an on-time content update on the website. The execution of data on the website is also faster as the entire content can be managed and tracked by the SharePoint-based Content Management System.

At A Glance

What they wanted to do

• Streamlined processes
• Automate Content Creation
• Faster Content Publishing on Website
• Easy to use CMS
• Add more value to the business through IT

What they did

• Standardized on SharePoint based Customized Application Development
• Used end to end application development by AscenWork Technologies
• Collaborated on various processes through the application.

What they accomplished

• Safeguarded intellectual property
• No dependency on technical resource
• Improved compliance with Faster Content Publishing
• Centralized Content Tracking and Management