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Why to Add Identifier to a SharePoint List?

September 17, 2019 | By Shripal Shah

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As we all know that when we create an item in SharePoint List or say when we add a document to the SharePoint Doc library, it gets its Unique Id number. Many businesses and organizations will getaway where it is possible to identify individual entries to the SharePoint Custom list easily.

How Does Unique Identifier Work in SharePoint List?

The idea is pretty simple. Essentially each entry in a SharePoint List or Documentary Library gets a number (ID). The first entry gets 1, and then it is consecutive from there (incremented by 1).

Advantages of the ID column

  • The ID number is unique. If you delete a list item or a document, it is never used again in a list.
  • ID Number (unique identifier) is auto-incremented for you automatically in the list.

Disadvantages of the ID Column

  • ID Column is unique to the library or list
  • If you use ID Column to track documents, this will only work as long as all documents being tracked are stored within the same document library. If you need to have a unique ID for a document across the board (all sites and libraries), you need to utilize a feature called Document ID. This is a topic for another post, though.


  • Sales Order numbers: If you use a SharePoint custom list to track Sales (Purchase) orders, your ID number can serve as a unique identifier for a Sales Order numbers.
  • Help desk ticketing system: If you use SharePoint to track help desk tickets each ID can serve as a unique identifier for a logged ticket in System
  • Issue/Action Items Tracker: Anytime you use SharePoint list to track issues, tasks, action items, risks, you can use the ID number to identify each issue/row.

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