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Integrating Cloud-Based Collaborating Tools – Microsoft SharePoint & Microsoft Teams

October 15, 2020 | By Shripal Shah


A lot of everyday activities have now moved on to the cloud-based collaborating tools, and SharePoint and Teams are leading amongst the most prominent tools that you will come across. 

So, are SharePoint and Teams the same?

There is a lot of confusion surrounding Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Teams, and whether or not they are the same. Microsoft Teams and SharePoint team sites are the solutions that Microsoft has provided for organized document and information sharing in relevant groups. Users can create teams for the projects they are working on with their team members. This way, the documents won’t get shared with the entire organization but rather, just with the team members. However, there has been confusion persisting because of the SharePoint team sites getting compared to Microsoft Teams.

SharePoint and Teams, although are different platforms, both can work well together. SharePoint is the platform on which document management of Teams can take place. They do work better together. An advanced set of features can be integrated into Teams with SharePoint. On the other hand, Teams adds a user-friendly interface and extra collaboration-based features to SharePoint.

What is SharePoint?

SharePoint is a collaborative platform that has been around for quite a while and is used by most Fortune 500 companies. It is used for secure document management and storage by companies to make information storage convenient. With the capacity to handle large amounts of documents and data, working from anywhere in the world has been made easier. Businesses of all sizes have been using this platform in various ways.

Key features of Microsoft SharePoint:

  • Manage content efficiently with the help of libraries and lists.
  • The intranet provides centralized access to all the documents and information within the organization at a single location.
  • Easy storage, sharing, and editing of files are some of the main features of SharePoint.
  • It has a very powerful search tool, which can help surface the required resources from across the organization.

What are SharePoint team sites?

SharePoint team sites are spaces for teams to work together on a project within the SharePoint platform. A team site can be created for every project that a group might be working on. This allows information to be shared easily with team members, by adding to-do lists, events, and documents to the team site. To avoid over-consumption of irrelevant information, team members can also hide information that is inapplicable to them. If the team site leader wants the team members to focus on some particular information, customized views can be set up. This will inform the team members of what is immediately important without having to look around the entire site.

Key features of SharePoint team sites:

  • Lists can be created with the help of preset lists such as tasks, links, events, contacts, and announcements. You can customize the existing lists and create new ones. Lists can be useful to segregate and organize different types of data.
  • Add shared files to the document library in the team site which consists of all the files and hyperlinks to every file. This makes the team members find any information quickly.
  • The number of emails exchanged by the teammates can be reduced by using discussion boards. A member of the team can create discussions where any of the members can post and reply. This way, every member of the group is in the loop of the discussions happening within the team. 
  • You can generate surveys that can greatly help in decision-making. The team members can take the survey in the form of polls, multiple-choice, or open-ended questions to conclude something. 

What are Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a chat-based collaboration platform. It is used for communication with the help of features like chat, video meetings, and file storage. This software along with SharePoint is a part of the Office 365 suite of applications. The Microsoft Teams application integrates with other Office 365 applications for better communication and collaboration. 

  • Channels can help keeps the team pages uncluttered by creating different channels for different projects. It is especially helpful when a group is working on multiple projects at once. 
  • Tabs is a navigation feature that allows the team members to work with tools and data that they most interact with. Custom tabs can also be developed and shared with the rest of the teammates. 
  • Connectors connect services inside a tab so that the team members have easy access to information. Team members can receive updates from popular services like Twitter, Trello, GitHub, and much more. 
  • Conversational bots generate automated responses to questions and give updates. For example, it can help you schedule a meeting by gathering information and inviting people or compiling a meeting report by asking for updates and generating one on its own. 

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