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Features of SharePoint that makes it a Reliable Tool

October 14, 2019 | By Shripal Shah

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Organizations can easily control cost and reduce the risk associated with IT through Microsoft SharePoint as it allows Project Teams to productively access valuable information and Collaborate with each team member. As we all know 75% – 80% of Fortune 500 companies utilize SharePoint as it increase Productivity.

Key Features of Microsoft SharePoint –


  • Easy to communicate and collaborate with your organization

SharePoint is tightly integrated with familiar client desktop applications, e-mail, and Web browsers to provide a consistent user experience that simplifies how people interact with content, processes, and business data.

  • Safe and secure

SharePoint offers organizations the ability to protect and secure the integrity of data from unauthorized use. This includes managing permissions to lists, folders, Sites, documents, Web applications, and more.

  • Central Administration Console

From a Single Business or Office Location, you can easily access application management features, system settings, monitor SharePoint farms& restorations, upgrade SharePoint, manage security settings, change general application settings and use configuration wizards.

  • Reduces litigation risk for your organization

It helps meet regulatory requirements by specifying security settings, storage policies, auditing policies, and more. It also controlled and manages your sensitive business information effectively.

  • Stimulate Shared Business Processes

You can collect critical business information from employees, Customers, and Suppliers through a Web browser, without coding any custom Application. Built-in data validation rules help you gather consistent and accurate data that can be directly integrated into back-end systems to avoid repetition and errors that result from manual data re-entry.

By recommending SharePoint, AscenWork has always guided all our association to earn all the benefits from features which SharePoint offers. So, all we can say that it provides a tool for Personal Productivity, Supports Teamwork, and Simplifies Process Automation. Have a thought to share? We’re listening to your opinions.

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