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Microsoft SharePoint 2019 New Features

January 28, 2019 | By Shripal Shah

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Companies and Businesses looking to manage their files and Content, can do it easily now with SharePoint 2019.
Microsoft SharePoint 2019 Improvements to the user experiences are those that are easy to use, and ensure reliability, performance, and security under real-world pressures of scale and complexity.
SharePoint 2019 Features:-

1) New User Experience

Great User Experiences are those that both look great and work flawlessly, entertain and engage, with rich, contextual, and relevant content.

2) Modern and New pages

A great way to share ideas using images, Excel, Word and PowerPoint documents, embed video content, and more with modern Pages. You can create New and Publish Modern Pages quickly and easily, and they look great on any device.

3) New Team and Modern sites

New Modern Communication sites are a place to share news, display a story, or broadcast a message to other people. The new Modern Sites can display up to five items with images, text, and links to draw attention to the most important content.

4) Modern libraries

The Modern lists and library experience is optimized for the most Common tasks, allowing users to copy and move files using the command bar as well as pin documents, filter and sort easily, add files as links, and apply formatting to columns.

5) OneDrive for Business

SharePoint 2019 provides mobile access to content, people, and applications along with engaging and responsive experiences. It makes document collaboration and file storage more people-centric with new support for the latest generation of sync clients with One Drive for Business.

6) SharePoint Mobile

The intranet is the Heart of many organizations. SharePoint Server 2019 makes your intranet more accessible, more intelligent, and more personalized, based on your activities across sites, the people you work with, the content you work on and the business processes you drive.

7) Large File Support, Character Restrictions, and File/Folder Names

SharePoint Server 2019 delivers support for a broad array of types and naming conventions to include support for # and % as supported characters in file and folder names across document libraries in SharePoint and OneDrive for Business. This will allow people to, store, create and sync files containing # and % characters whether those characters are used as a prefix or suffix to the file or folder name.

So it’s the right time to upgrade to SharePoint 2019 with such great new features which will Enhance Productivity.

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