Alerts And Notification Overview

easyHR has a powerful alerts and notification system. easyHR triggers email alerts on every activity within the system. From employee registration to mployee resignation,from employee requisition to Manager’s approval ,easyHR generates an email which keeps the organisation connected and collaborated.

Employee Requisition Notification

Every employee gets updated with the requistion he/she has made.Be it Leave or Claims , an email is triggered from easyHR to the employee regarding the requisition processing .

Requisition Approval Notification

The requisition made by employee is a pending task item for the manager.Managers are informed via an email / in-app notification.Managers need to either approve / reject a particular request made by the employee.

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Every requisition can be tracked in easyHR as an alert on the employees / Manager dashboard.Managers can approve or reject a requisition stating its reason for the same.The update can be seen on employee dashboard also.

Alert Scheduling

Gone are the days to generate report and send it to Heads / HOD / Management for review.With easyHR report scheduling you can now setup intelligent reminders.System will run the report on the specified date / time and email the report to specified users.