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Asset Management

Asset Management

easyHR manages all assets given to the employee on behalf of your company From Laptop to data card, Homes to Cars all Organization-wide assets can be maintained in the Master and can be tracked employee wise. EasyHR allows the organization to keep a track record of the total assets that are available in the system, along with the same being allocated to various employees across the organizations.

Asset Masters

Admin would have the completed control of the ASSET MASTER. They can add Assets of any type in the system and thereby making entries for all the Incoming assets in the organization along with the inventory count.

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Asset Request

Employee or their Manager (on behalf of the employee) can request for an Asset that would be required. Employees can request for any kind of Asset along with the reason for the same and any tentative data to return the same. Once the Asset request is made, it will go for approval to the Concerned Managers for Approval.

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Asset Approval

Once the Asset request has made, the manager can either Approve or Reject the ASSET REQUEST. Alternatively, they can make an edit for the request and then APPROVE/REJECT the request. Once Approved, the employee as well as the Allocation team would receive the Notification for the same.

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Asset Allocation

Once the Asset is approved and notified to the team members for the allocation, they can now Allocate the same to the Employee. Once the Allocation is done – appropriate entries can be made by the team members on the ASSET DETAILS (like Model, Code etc…)

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Asset Return

Once the Employee leaves an Organization, an Auto mail notification would be received to the concerned team members for revoking back the allocated asset. Alternatively, employees can voluntarily return the allocated asset (in the case of nonfunctioning, defect etc…) where they can put the reason for returning the asset. Once the Asset is received by the team members, they can make an entry for the same.

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Reports / MIS – Management / Admin team, can always have the view of the existing Asset list, allocated list and returned list anytime through Reports. At any point, the team knows the existing Inventory which helps them to procure new Assets, if required. Reports can be then scheduled and extracted in PDF, CSV, Excel formats as required.

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