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Mobile Application- Overview

Easy HR is an HRMS tool, works on all major mobile platforms. With the Mobile App in place, Employees can have all there major requisitions and approval without login to Laptops/ PCs. Mobile app will continue to evolve and have new features over time. Currently, the Mobile app provides functionalities like – Leave Management, Expense Management, Travel Management, and Attendance Management(Live Location, Geo-Fence, Employee Tracking). Employees can have there PaySlips and Tax Computation downloaded through Mobile App. We shall continue to refine and add new features based on feedback received by our customers.

Mobile Application Dashboard

With Mobile Application Dashboard – Employees at a single glance can have a quick look on the current/upcoming Birthdays, Anniversaries, Holiday list along with there current leave balance. Along with above, all requisitions requests can also be handled in the Dashboard page of the Mobile.

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Check In/ Check Out

Sales and Marketing team on field, can have the check-in/check-outs done for the day directly through the Mobile APP. System would automatically capture there current Location, Date/Time. Also with GeoFence feature, Admin can ensure that employees can have there Attendance marked only through the approved location.

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LIVE Employee Tracking

Once an Employee Checks-In through Mobile APP, there ManagersAdmin Dept can actually have a track on there Current Location of the Employee through LIVE EMPLOYEE TRACKING. Also, right from CHECK-IN to CHECK -OUT system would capture the entire Map an employee has traveled as shown in the image.

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Leave, Attendance (Rationalization), Claims/Expense, Travel, Outdoor, Work from Home – All of the requisitions can be applied through Mobile App. Similarly the concerned Authority can approve all of the same through Mobile App.

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Pay Slips / Tax Computations

Monthly Salary Slips generated by the Payroll team can directly been viewed in the Mobile App. Employees can directly download the same from there Mobile Application (PDF Format). Also Employees at any moment of time can view there Tax computation for the current financial year through Mobile App.

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Alerts and Notifications

Push Notifications are also available in the Mobile App similar to that like FB, WhatsApp. So Employees can get all the notifications directly at the mobile app without accessing there Email.

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