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Expense and Claims

Expense And Claims Overview

easyHR Expense Management Solution caters to streamline and automate the submission and approval of multiple expenses and expense types. Expenses include travel, lodging, car rentals, meals, etc. It focuses on restructuring your company’s present expense management system to cut losses and maximize profits. easyHR has an integrated travel and expense solution which helps organizations save time and money spent during every step of the business journey i.e before, during and after the trip. Built-in workflow and travel rules allow managers to quickly and easily approve expenses.

Expense Requisition

Employees can apply for claims from the web application or Mobile App. Requisition can be made in multiple heads like – Food , Travel , Hotel Expenses.

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Expense Approvals

HOD / Managers need to approve or reject the claims made by employees.The approval can be done from the web application or Mobile App. Email alerts are triggered when the decision on the request is taken.

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Payment Disbursement

Admin / Accounts team need to process the approved expenses by the HOD / Manager . You can update the mode of payment by which the claims are settled

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