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Recruitment Overview

easyHR Recruitment Management module helps to enhance the hiring process by making it transparent, paperless, and process-oriented by systematically organizing the entire recruitment processes. easyHR provides a powerful, effective and efficient recruitment platform for users to reach quality candidates in the resume database fast and accurately. Our Recruitment Management System helps to communicate and create healthy relationships with the candidates through the entire recruitment process. Recruitment management system helps to contour the recruitment processes and effectively managing the ROI on recruitment. With just a click, Candidates, Recruiters and Managers all involved in the recruitment process gain real-time visibility.

MRF/Requisition Request

EasyHR Recruitment process starts right with the MRF form, wherein at the start of the Financial year team can have an approximate prediction on the recruitment to be done department wise/division wise/ Branch wise, etc.. Once the MRF form is Approved, the actual Requisition could be raised which could be either for a NEW/REPLACEMENT Position.

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Adding Applicants / Scheduling Interviews

Once Requisition gets approved a Job gets created in Portal and Applicants can now be added in the system. Applicant can be added by an HR Manager or alternatively there is a Public Job board option available which can be linked to Customer’s careers website page. Once integrated, then the Applicant can fill the required information through the Website itself along with Resume Attachment, and automatically the data will be pushed and Notified to HR. Once added, HR can then schedule interviews which will be triggered to the Panel.

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Interview Feedbacks / Approvals

Once the Interview is conducted – Interviews can now give their individual feedback, basis which it can go for final level approval to HR Manager. In addition to feedback, Interviewers can provide any additional comments/checklist answers too.

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Offer Letter Rollout

Once the Panel and the HR Manager has approved the Candidate, the team can now send the Offer letter through the Portal itself. Team can have their own template for Offer letter. Also, the Pre-onboarding checklist can be requested to the candidate, where they can attach all the documents, and the HR team can review/verify it at any moment of time.

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Offer Approval / RESUME BANK

Once the Offer letter is sent to Candidate, they can now ACCEPT/REJECT the offer letter along with the Signature, and basis the action performed – automatically the status gets changed in the System. In case, if the Offer is not accepted then the team can always archive those applicants in RESUME BANK and can connect with those Candidates later at any moment of time as required.

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Hiring Candidate

Once the offer is accepted by the Candidate, the team can now convert an Applicant to an Employee in the Portal and a NEW EMPLOYEE gets created in the System.
Also, all the data entered at the Hiring process level will automatically flow to the Candidate in the System.

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Once the complete process is done, the Team can download multiple reports as required. Also, Management can view the report any moment of time to understand the trend analysis/Offer Rollouts/ Acceptance/ Rejections etc.

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