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Time and Attendance

Time And Attendance Management Overview

Time and attendance capturing is a fundamental part of any HR system. It plays an important part in timely payroll preparation.Whether you are a startup with ten employees or a large organization with hundreds of employees, easyHR time tracker provides you with an easy online Time-Tracking software. The online Check in and Check out features helps employee track time spent on different activities and update it from anywhere and anytime. Our web attendance software works seamlessly with any type of time tracking hardware like biometric devices, RFID, smart cards, etc. If you already have the attendance hardware, we will integrate it with easyHR and pull all the swipes from the application supplied with your hardware. Now you experience huge difference in the way you manage attendance.

Web Check-In / Check-Out

Mark your attendance while on duty or client place. Online Check in feature allows users to update their status on the go. easyHR can also track the check in and check out location via GPS.

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Attendance Regularization

Regularize your attendance with our Attendance Regularization module.Incorrect attendance information will be processed for approvals to HOD / Manager.

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Regularization Approval

HOD / Managers need to approve / reject employees regularization requests.The regularization request can be approved from Managers dashboard and Mobile App. Managers are informed via email alerts.

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Attendance Calendar

Employees can view their attendance / Leaves / Holidays / Weekly – Offs on the Attendance Calendar.easyHR collates your Biometric / Web Check-Ins and Mobile App check-in data and shows it on a calendar.

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Attendance Roster

Create Attendance roster for your multi-shift employees.Roster management helps in tracking the exact working hours of an employee with the change in shifts.You can plan employee-wise roster well in advance.

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Hardware Integration

easyHR can be integrated with Biometric Devices / Swiping Card / Face Detection Devices. The data can be imported into easyHR by excel / csv / flat-file or direct SQL Integration.

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Mobile Check In/ Check Out

Sales and Marketing team on field, can have the check-in/check-outs done for the day directly through the Mobile APP. System would automatically capture there current Location, Date/Time. Also with GeoFence feature, Admin can ensure that employees can have there Attendance marked only through the approved location.

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LIVE Employee Tracking

Once an Employee Checks-In through Mobile APP, there ManagersAdmin Dept can actually have a track on there Current Location of the Employee through LIVE EMPLOYEE TRACKING. Also, right from CHECK-IN to CHECK -OUT system would capture the entire Map an employee has traveled as shown in the image.

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