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HR Administration

HR Administration Overview

HR Administration module empowers the HR Team to manage every single employee , to Employee divisions and departments.With HR Administration , HR team can approve any Data Change requests which the employee has applied for or set up an induction procedure with the checklist needed for induction.

Admin Dashboard

Updates on Employee Birthdays , Employee Anniversaries are now flashing on your dashboard screens. The HR Admin dashboard gives all relevant information related to a employee on its dashboard.Admins can take relevant decision on the open items shown on the dashboard.

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Employee Induction

easyHR can setup induction checklist for newly onboarded employees.HR team can setup its induction checklist and track employees induction procedure.This helps HR and management to get clarity on employee on-boarding procedure.

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Data Updation

Data change requests by employees need to be approved by HR team.The Data change approval needs to be verified by the admin. Once approved the changes gets reflected on the users dashboard.

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Data Import

easyHR provides multiple templates to upload data. The data can be uploaded from master template files in excel , csv formats.easyHR intelligent data mapping tool compares the data given in excel sheet with application tables and imports bulk data in a go ,so as to reduce the data entry task.

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Document Generation

HR Can create multiple letters to generate through the portal like “Performance, Confirmation, Absconding, Promotion” etc… through the system. HR can have there own set of templates defined as per there requirements and generate letters in one go for particular employees, team, department, branch, etc…

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Custom Report Designer

With an additional process available, wherein ADMIN of the organization can create multiple CUSTOM Reports as per there requirements. This can help them to create a report which could have very specific columns as required by team/management and Auto-schedule the same. Reports can also be extracted in PDF/EXCEL/CSV formats.

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