Reports And MIS Overview

Every organisation strives for data related to process / employees / payments and payroll. With more than 100 reports in easyHR ,we are confident that every processed information is part of a report.Our strong reporting engine can generate beautiful reports within no time.These reports can be exported to excel / html / pdf or copied to some other data format.Every report has multiple report filters which helps admin to filter / sort relevant information and use for personal or share with management.

Report Filter

easyHR report module has multiple filter to generate your most relevant data.Selection and Filters helps Admin to drill down deep within the datasource and process the most relevant report.

Data Export

With easyHR multiple data export options like Copy / CSV / Excel / PDF and Print , we have now given the user the entire control to export easyHR data into multiple other systems for further integrations or data processing.

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Report Scheduling

Gone are the days to generate report and send it to Heads / HOD / Management for review.With easyHR report scheduling you can now setup intelligent reminders.System will run the report on the specified date / time and email the report to specified users.