Task Management Overview

easyHR Task Management System Stores, organizes and assigns all the tasks related to your processes.Tasks and task lists makes it easy to keep your work items organized and manageable with all in centralized and easy-to-access location. You can monitor the status of tasks, assign tasks to members, set task dependencies, send email reminders and track progress of your tasks.

Tasks Dashboard

Project tasks and task lists make it easy to keep your work items organized and manageable. You can manage all tasks ,activities, task assignment from a single window.Get a consolidated view of all your open and closed tasks.

Create Tasks

Create tasks or task lists related to an individual process or create recurring task list.Tasks are showcased on user dashboard as Todays Task , Upcoming Task , Pending Task

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Assign Tasks

Assign the created tasks from the master to a user or set of users. The assigned tasks with create a notification to the employee and also showcase the same on his dashboard.