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Timesheet Management

Timesheet Management Overview

EasyHR allows organization to keep a track record of the total time being spent by each employee on a particular activity through Timesheet. This ensures management there is no leakage on the employee’s time being utilized and proper resource utilization is carried on. Also, Management can get the details through click of button.

Client - Project Tagging

Admins would create clients for which the resources/employees would be working for. Against each client – Project would be created and resources would be tagged according to each Client /Project.

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Timesheet Entry

As per the tasks assigned and completed by an Employee – they can make the entry in the Timesheet and send the same for Approval. They can add timesheets for multiple entries too, if required.

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TimeSheet Approval

Once the Timesheet has been sent by the Employee for Approval, their respective Managers would receive a mail and they can now approve the TIMESHEET REQUESTS. Managers can access the Portal for Approval / Rejection. As an additional functionality, Timesheet is linked to Attendance and Managers can actually check whether they were present or Absent before approving the Timesheet request.

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TimeSheet - Reports / MIS

Once the Timesheet has been approved, Management can now have the complete data at a click of a button. Client wise /Project wise/ Date Wise data can be generated through reports.

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