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The Perfect Travel Solution for your organisation

TravExio is the perfect Travel and Expense solution for your organization. TravExio caters to Domestic and International travel management. Employees can claim local conveyance or expenses against an official journey. Travel and Expense solution leads to savings for the company and increases employees’ satisfaction thanks to easier processes and faster reimbursements.


TravExio works perfectly for all your Travel and Expense Needs

TravExio enables organizations to streamline and automate the Travel and Expense process. Expenses may include traveling, lodging, car rentals, meals, local conveyance, etc.

TravExio has an integrated travel and expense solution that helps organizations save time and money spent during every step of the business journey i.e before, during, and after the trip. Built-in workflow and travel rules allow managers to quickly and easily approve expenses.

Travel Management

TravExio can work for Pre and Post Travel Management. Whether it is a planned or unplanned trip, TravExio can track the entire Travel Requisition to approval and Ticket booking. Travel requisition can be configured as per your organization's policies.

Expense Management

TravExio Expense Management can be used independently or along with travel management. An employee can raise their expenses in TravExio and the same has to be approved by HOD / Admin and Accounts. An employee can track the status of expenses at any point through TravExio.

TravExio Workflow Management

Automate your Travel and Expense process with approval and rejection workflow.HOD /Admin/ Accounts can review, approve & process on fingertips.

TravExio can be configured on multi-layered approval and rejection process viz:Employee -> HOD -> Admin -> Accounts. The approval process ensures organization policies are adhered to and have a better grip on expensing.

Multi Selection Approval

TravExio’s multi-selection approval helps HOD / Admin and Accounts team to process a requisition faster. You can approve/reject a single or multiple transactions against a requisition.

Stagewise Tracking

Every user role within TravExio can track the Employee Requisition from the first till the last stage. This enables transparency and efficiency between employees and their approvers.

Vendor Management

Vendor Management is an exclusive feature of TravExio. Admin can raise requisitions to external vendors and ask them to quote for Travel requisitions. Admin can raise a request to multiple Tour Operators and award a ticket to the best one.

Once the travel request is approved by the HOD, Admin can process the request to the selected Vendor ( single or multiple) to give their best rates against the request. Feedback from multiple vendors can be viewed as a comparative view and tickets can be booked taking an informed decision.

Ticket Pricing

Tour Operators can quote their best rates for a trip requested by an Organisation’s Admin. Tour operators can manage multiple clients, thus track their requisitions, tickets processed and payments.

Multi-Vendor Comparison

Organizations can compare ticket pricing received from multiple vendors. This helps taking an informed decision against an expense. The process gives admins hold over travel tickets and makes sure the costs are within budget.

Voucher Management

Track the entire transaction of your travel and expense through a single window. The voucher can be printed with all relevant details of the transaction. Voucher Printing can be used by the accounts team for maintaining the record for audits. Also in case, there are any physical authorizations, which need to be done, can be done through vouchers.

Voucher Print can be viewed by both employees and Accounts once the entire transaction is approved. The print icon is viewed on Employee and Accounts dashboard against the request ID.


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