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Advantages of Using PowerApps in your Business

Microsoft is simplifying the process of developing software for business purposes, by offering a way for enterprise customers to quickly create business-related desktop and mobile applications and it is one of the major benefits of using PowerApps by many businesses.

PowerApps is a service for producing and using custom business applications that connect to your data and work across the mobile and web without the expense and time of Custom Software Development.

The primary benefits of PowerApps are:

  1. Time-saving
  2. Mobility
  3. Customization
  4. Office 365 integration
  5. Process automation.

 Why PowerApps is an enterprise service for innovators everywhere:

 It’s easily managed, even for a person who is non-technical can work on it. All you need is just Microsoft Excel knowledge and logic needs to be good.

  • Cascading Style Sheets is required at a very small level which makes it easy to work on.
  • Pages and screens can be easily managed and updated. It’s like an admin. So it’s very user friendly.
  • Easy to connect in Cloud, such as DropBox, One Drive, Google Drive, SQL, as well as MS CDS which are most common connectors.

Facts of PowerApps by TEI

  • Decrements in Application Maintenance and Management effort by 38%
  • Enhanced Business process productivity on average by 15%
  • Depreciate Application development cost and effort by 70%

 Note- Facts from A Forrester Total Economic Impact™ study of PowerApps and Microsoft Flow Commissioned by Microsoft.

AscenWork through its unique offerings in the domain of SharePoint, HRMS Software   & Custom Applications Development works towards simplifying the most complicated organization processes.

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How HRMS Software can help your Organization?

SharePoint Application is a next-generation solution with five unique SharePoint HR applications running on Office 365. SharePoint HR application is a full-featured application for Management of Employee Information, Activities and Documents, while delivering self-service for employees.  So, as a part of a Digital Productive Workplace it provides both Employee Portals and HR Staff. A SharePoint HRMS Software can support recruiters in an extensive range of activities.

Benefits of SharePoint HRMS Software

Designed for your business: –

Adaptable software and Customized Personal implementation that creates a perfect fit for specialized requests and requirements.

Productivity boost for HR: –

Increase focus on development, engagement, and compliance by automating daily routines and creating more time for complex or interpersonal tasks

Supports Managers with data: –

Get real-time analytical insights for better management and operations decisions through customization charts, reports, and BI dashboards, creating full business transparency with HRMS Software.

Saves money with proven ROI: –

Software that improves your organization is an investment and not expense, especially since we have the most cost-effective solution on the market.

Empowers and retains top talents: –

Get the right people on board with our SharePoint Applicant Tracking System, develop and retain them with a system that supports the hiring process, onboarding, continued learning, and succession.

Why choose an HRMS Software?

  • Secure Portal to optimize HR Staff productivity and collaboration.
  • Team news, documents, discussions, calendar, and task tracking in SharePoint or Office 365 groups.
  • Secure Central Employee data list that is linked to certifications, documents, and changes and Update Employee Profile Data.
  • Onboarding – automate new employee onboarding tasks and Policy Management – track policy acknowledgment and submissions.
  • Assign, Track, and Manage requests
  • Access HR resources like Documents, Policies, Forms
  • Submit and receive status on service requests
  • 100% customization for everyone using the SharePoint Web Interface
  • Flexible Reporting and Dashboards.

A centralized system helps manage all the company related rules & regulations and other records in one place that is easily accessible for employees. And SharePoint is the right platform to create an easy to use, engaging and scalable HR application. AscenWork through its unique offerings in the domain of SharePoint, HRMS Software   & Custom Applications Development works towards simplifying the most complicated organization processes.

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