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How Task Management Can Contribute to your Productivity?

How Task Management Can Contribute to your Productivity?

April 12, 2019 | By Shripal Shah

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Irritated with the daily approvals from your employees, while you are in a meeting and they keep knocking the door for a mere approval. Why not get it automated with Task Management and just click approval and the work is done. No cumbersome paper related work or wasting employee working hours.

SharePoint Development is the new age automation of the work with more than 1.2 billion users worldwide.

Task Management is just an add-on feature in SharePoint Development’s new version with easing the work of the companies with less of daily paperwork and decreasing the idle time of employees’ contribution more toward productivity.

What Actually is Task Management?

SharePoint Task Management feature lists a collection of tasks assigned to a particular person in the project. It can help you track progress, take approvals, meet deadlines and manage multiple versions of the project in real-time.

Why use Task Management?


  • Create Tasks for your Projects –

With the new SharePoint Task Management feature, you can now create tasks in your project and it will show when the file was created and by whom. You can add any tasks to your on-going projects anytime. All it requires is creating a task and granting access to the needful users also keeping the data security in mind.

  • Check, Improve and Use –

One can easily check the live status of the tasks to keep it up to date and if any deviation occurs customize your tasks then further use it for the project completion.

A good example of this is the process between the Lead Generation and its Conversion and if the lead customer requires any customization one can just update the task report in the Software and get it approved for free flow working of the Organization.

  • Meeting Deadlines –

Task Management feature helps the employees in the meeting of deadlines, daily reminders and updating the tasks in a centralized server. The to-do lists give the daily report of the tasks and track the progress that helps in meeting deadlines.