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What is a Communication Site in SharePoint and Why it’s Important?

What is a Communication Site in SharePoint and Why it’s Important?

August 28, 2019 | By Shripal Shah

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SharePoint Communication Site allows an organization to have one central place to securely, share news, and build culture. You can easily send news and information out via email to individuals or teams, share pictures, events, and videos and ensure that they are in one place, searchable, secure and give all employee the history (which is lost when solely emailed)

SharePoint Communication Site is used to share Reports, News, Status, or say to broadcast Information to other teams or to an entire organization.

Communication sites in SharePoint are innovative, creative, and beautiful as it is a new distinct type of site templates.

Key Benefits of Communication Site: –

  • Anyone can build great looking Communication Site (Any non-technical employee can create and share a company’s event, news or information easily)
  • It is already included with Office 365 (Companies can take full advantage of all the application and features included in office 365)
  • Easily determine Permission settings (It allows you to set permission settings easily and quickly)
  • Build Mobile-Friendly (Communication sites are designed and developed mobile-friendly so that the desktop pages will display beautifully on Tablets and Mobile)

Usage of Communication Site:-

  • New Services or product launch Site (New product Images, brochures, Announcements and more)
  • Intranet Landing page (Communication Site template is great for the main Intranet site where we can post events, announcements, Operations Update, and Common links.)
  • Company Events- ( An Annual events, Team Outing Plans, Festivals Celebration plans and more )
  • HR Site – (An employee or HR can share info and they can download all required documents and policies directly)
  • Sale Site- ( Sales Reports, Operations Working Report, and other dashboards can be shared easily with everyone or Management)

Important Tips-

  • Plan and build your pages before you start on your homepage, as your home will point off to these pages.
  • Create some smooth and simple publishing rules or guidelines for the editing team so that content is consistent and follows your organization branding.
  • SharePoint Online and Office 365 customers will always get first access to features, which is one of the vital benefits of using Microsoft’s cloud services.
  • Your pages will be mobile-friendly automatically but be aware of some mobile best practices. Use bullet points to split text and ensure Carousels show the most important information first.

To create a Communication site simply visit (

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