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Why to choose SharePoint for your Business

September 10, 2018 | By Shripal Shah

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SharePoint is a leading tool used by 81% of Fortune 500 companies to develop their online and offline applications. It is an industry-leading platform for intranets, secure document management, collaboration, website development, and much more. More importantly, SharePoint is not just for larger corporations; small companies can also benefit from the utilization of SharePoint as well. It is an enterprise tool with a lot of capabilities, designed with security in mind. If you want to maximize the powerful capabilities of this tool, and discover the top reasons why SharePoint is right for your business.

  1. Centralized Administration

Through the Central Administration of SharePoint, managers can easily access application management features, system settings, monitor SharePoint farms, perform backups & restorations, manage security settings, upgrade SharePoint, change general application settings and use configuration wizards all in a single location.

  1. Collaboration

SharePoint allows you to connect with your colleagues in new and creative ways, this streamlined approach to team-based work allows information and knowledge to flow more freely throughout the organization. Increased collaboration equals better decision making.

  1. Ease of Use

SharePoint has features and tools that allow organizations to respond quickly to business needs by building solutions without having a background in web development. Whether you need to build or update your website or create a specific online tool for your team, SharePoint has the programs available for you to do so. You can easily perform the functions you need to in one application and the cost savings related to that can add up quickly.

  1. Accelerate Shared Business Processes

You can use smart electronic forms–driven solutions to collect critical business information from customers, partners, and suppliers through a Web browser. Built-in data validation rules help you gather accurate and consistent data that can be directly integrated into back-end systems to avoid redundancy and errors that result from manual data re-entry.

  1. Develop Customized Application on SharePoint

SharePoint is a robust and scalable application development platform. The capabilities in SharePoint are almost limitless. SharePoint is used by companies for intranets, extranets, websites, document management, employee collaboration, process automation and more; all centralized through one comprehensive program.

These benefits make SharePoint a good fit for enterprise information management solutions. You also get the mobile tools that Microsoft is creating, plus a unified collaboration suite with o365 suite of applications and SharePoint. These tools are rapidly evolving into an integrated, experiential productivity suite that intersects seamlessly with Office products.

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