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Upgrade Your HR Practices With SharePoint

February 02, 2021  | By Shripal Shah


“Human Resource isn’t a thing we do, it’s a thing that runs our business.”

– Steve Wynn, CEO of Wynn Resorts Ltd.

The Human Resource (HR) department is one of the most important parts of any business. They are responsible for:

  • Staffing that involves recruitment, promotions, transfer, and selections
  • Training that involves employee training and performance evaluation
  • Compensation that involves payroll, resource allocation, and benefits
  • An administration that involves record-keeping, personnel audit

and more…

Clearly, the HR Department is incredibly valuable. They are responsible for many activities that define working within a business.

“To win the marketplace, you must first win the workplace.” 

– Doug Conant, an American Businessman

With so many responsibilities, comes a need to manage everything.

Many companies are hence moving towards using HR Management Systems.

These systems can help your company’s HR department to:

  • Work faster 
  • With more ease and 
  • Efficiently 

You can record employee data such as manage payroll, recruitment, attendance, performance and so much more.

It allows your HR Department to store, retrieve, and analyze data without any hassle.

Any company that wants to improve its HR practices and better manage its human resource, must have HR Management Tool.

It would make a great deal of improvement in your working processes.

One such HR Management tool is SharePoint.

Not only does it help with all the basic activities, but can also be customized according to one’s needs. Every company is different and their working processes are different.

SharePoint lets you customize the intranet with respect to your business processes.

SharePoint Developers like us, at Ascenwork, help companies to build an intranet system that is personalized to your wants and needs.

We work with you to understand your business’s processes and pain points. Then, with our expertise in this field, we come up with the best possible solution.

At Ascenwork, we have worked with many clients who needed to improve, automate, and better manage their business processes. We have worked with some of the leading companies in many fields who have benefited to a great extent by deploying a SharePoint system.

You can visit to know more about exactly how the process works. There are detailed case studies on how businesses benefitted from our HR Management Tool.

More about SharePoint

SharePoint is, conventionally, a Content Management System developed by the Microsoft Corporation. But it is highly flexible. As mentioned earlier, it can be customized to a great deal.

It is a web-based collaborative platform used by 80% of the Fortune 500 companies. The reason for its popularity is its versatility and security.

It provides a single platform for document storage and management within an entire company. But at the same time, team sites can be created to exchange data within a department or a team only.

Some basic features of SharePoint are as follows:

  • Upload, access, and edit files from anywhere in the world
  • Work with teammates on a document together at once
  • Share information or data with the entire company
  • Search for data or files with a complex search feature
  • Create lists and libraries to store data

All these tools are incredibly useful for your HR Department to function with the utmost ease.

Further, let’s take a look at how exactly your HR team can benefit from a SharePoint intranet…

  • Make Announcements

Have any Announcements to make?

Employees that are well-informed and better performers.

You can easily share it with your employees through SharePoint.

News web part is a feature on SharePoint Online through which you can share engaging posts that can involve graphics as well. All these announcements get displayed on the main page in chronological order.

  • Share Policy Updates, Forms, and Templates

Using the SharePoint document library, you can share important information with your employees.

The documents can also be further organized with the help of metadata. They can be organized by department, expiration date, category, etc. 

  • Manage Employee Directory

Employee Directory is an add-in in SharePoint.

With this, you can

  • View complete details of your employees
  • Send emails instantly to any employee
  • Arrange users alphabetically
  • Blacklist or remove usernames

And more…

SharePoint is a centralized system that can be used by all within a company. This ensures transparency with business processes slowing employees to work more efficiently. It is easily accessible, so, it can be used by anyone from anywhere increasing flexibility while working.

All of this makes SharePoint the best tool for enhancing your HR practices.

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