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Why we use G Suite for Our Business

November 12, 2018 | By Shripal Shah

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Why we use G Suite for Our Business-blog-image-ascenwork

“Get Ready to get to work faster with G Suite”

Get your entire team on the same page.

Communicate, collaborate, work in sync, and win with G Suite tools. Google makes it easy and can help get your whole team set up quickly so you don’t need to waste another minute on your legacy platform.


Gmail –    G Suite essentially allows your employees to have their own Gmail accounts with email addresses with your business domain name.

Google Calendar– Many of us rely on it for scheduling calls with clients and setting due dates and reminders for important projects. It can help you keep your schedule organized.

Google Drive–  It allows you to store, access, and share your files in one secure place. You then have easy access to them from any device.

Google Docs and Google Sheets–  It allow you to create and edit text documents and spreadsheets right in your browser. Import your documents to make them instantly editable, including Microsoft Word, Excel, and PDF files (.docx, .doc, .pdf, .rtf, .txt, xlsx, .csv, .html, .ods).

Google Keep– It can be an easy way to keep those frequently asked questions you get from customers in a convenient place. Create to-do lists, notes, and set reminders to stay on track. Everything syncs across your devices, so what’s important is always in reach.

G Suite Admin Console– The Admin console for G Suite allows business owners to easily manage everything from one single place. Do everything from adding new users and groups, manage devices, configure security settings (like 2-factor authentication), add new custom domains for your business which can be used for Gmail, and even enable fun features like Inbox by Google for your employees.

Key Features-

Cloud Search, Vault, Encryption (TLS), Certs, Audits, and Assessments, Data Retention, Privacy, Transparency, and Hosting Email with Third-Party.

G Suite Is as Secure as It Gets

G Suite is built on top of the Google Cloud Platform, which offers the highest security on the market. It’s trusted by some of the biggest companies in the world; such as HP, Verizon, Whirlpool, and Salesforce. As Google says, they are leading with a “Security First Mindset.” They have industry-leading knowledge and expertise backing each and every one of their products, including G Suite.

G Suite is Designed for your workplace, starting at just ₹135 / user/month.

G Suite is Google’s suite of intelligent apps. We primarily recommend G Suite for clients that are needing email hosting for their business. However, G Suite is much more than just email. It also includes a variety of apps and features that can come in quite handy.

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